martes, 15 de abril de 2008

Que asco los Mondays

Que asco los Mondays, diría Don Eusebio, and that is so true, yesterday it was Monday and it was the worst day ever, like the cruda moral of the weekend, oh dear God I want to be rich, I don’t want to study my master and work and wake up at 5 am Tuesdays and Thursday, if I were rich I will buy some happiness, yeah happiness, you might think you cannot buy happiness but you totally can, I once readed “El Dinero no hace la felicidad……la compra hecha” and I feel like is true, I will buy me some love ( sorry Lenon) and a new pair of pants, I will buy a new house for my dear friend , Milan, and pay all I need to pay, I don’t want this amount of responsability, I’m getting tired you know, but maybe is just my today’s feeling, maybe tomorrow will be my best day ever and I won’t think I need money to be happy; perhaps is just because I feel terrible being me right know, you’ll see a few days ago a young man died, I wasn’t happy at all but I didn’t care , my dad care a lot, he was very concern because of that, he talked about it all day, all silent moments were interrupted by his comment about this young man who died, STOP!!!!! I wanted to tell him, but he is also my friend so I had to listen to him, el joven muerto era el hijo de un excliente de Impulsa Publicidad, and this guy never pay for the advertisement we did to his business, I saw my dad talking to him and he was very rude to my dad, he ignore my dad, he said my dad did not know anything about publicity, if it is something my dad knows is about publicity; he said “ I’m not going to pay you”, and we invest some money in that , maybe that is the reason I don’t feel bad about that guy, It is not the money, It is the way he behave with my dad; my dad is concern about him because he says that it is the worst thing it could ever happen to a parent (to loss a kid) ,I think God it is disappointed of me, I wonder if it was a prove to see if I was able to forgive, to let go; I think that could be the reason I did not won the lottery, or the reason I had some issues con Juan y Beto this weekend, maybe that is why the guy I like do not like me anymore and appears to be offline as soon as I go into to the messenger, maybe it is why my little Regina got the flu and my baby brother is a mess, oh God forgive me I will be good I promise I will cry for that young man, who am I kidding I just pretend I will cry for him but the true is I will be crying for myself, because I feel like a monster now, complaining about those things, you’ll see God I don’t care about what happen to that guy, but I feel bad for not caring at all, I feel bad because you being good to me, I’m so sorry God, forgive me please, please God be there, I don’t want you to be a justification of my brain, please God be real, eventhoug I never get to know you because Im a monster, my mom, my dad, Regina, Little Froy, Evangelina and the guy who “ limpia gratis” los vidrios at the bridge need you, please God… please be there keep the bad things in my life just like that, after all is not too bad, I will always can make it thru another day.

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